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Real Estate

Real estate transactions are the highest-value purchases most people will ever make. Since no two real estate closings are alike, it's vital that the right team is at your side, ensuring your interests are properly protected.


With thousands of closings under our belts, the attorneys of BayState Title and Escrow are expertly equipped to guide you through the process of buying, selling, refinancing, or simply planning for the future. 

Estate Planning

End of life planning is never an easy subject, but it’s important to make sure your assets are efficiently and effectively passed on to your estate. We are here to help you avoid unnecessary expenses, minimize taxes, and make a plan that is concrete and easy to execute. We are also able to create related documents to help ensure you are well prepared for the later phases of life.

Business Law

Regardless of the nature of your business venture, establishing the proper legal structure is critical to protect your personal assets from liability, and to ensure conformity with state and federal laws. We will determine which legal structure best fits the need of your business and walk you through establishing your new entity with the Secretary of State.


While one of the goals of estate planning is to avoid the necessity of a probate, sometimes circumstances require court involvement to sell the assets of an estate. We will help prepare you for success and navigate you through the required paperwork and procedures. 

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